Plan Your Hobby Around Your Life, Not the Other Way Around.


100% Scheduled Break Times so you never have guess when your break will go LIVE or waste hours or days hoping your break fills.

Breaks That Fill In
3 Minutes, Not 3 Days

Join over 17,000 people in our exclusive Facebook member community.

All breaks are announced, post, and fill in this group!

Meet the Breakers

Our team of industry experts each bring their own style and knowledge to provide a family-friendly experience that is enjoyable for everyone. We’re here to have fun and avoid the drama!

Industry Summit

Where to Watch

We stream all of our breaks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch. Most of our collectors choose to hang out and chat in our Facebook group!

Break Battles

Tuesday Night is Break Battles night! Pick a side as two breakers go head-to-head with the winner getting an extra box added to their break!

Break Battles

How Do I Participate?

1. Join the Community.

Head over to our Facebook group and request to join.

2. Watch Your First Break.

Don’t buy anything yet–get to know the community and the format.

3. Claim your spot.

You feel the itch. When the next break rolls around, jump on it!

Visit our break FAQ page for more info!


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