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Without fail, Bowman can be one of the most difficult checklists to decipher of the year.  If you’re a casual collector, the names on these checklists can just look like mumbo jumbo.  Heck, even the seasoned prospectors must study up.

The COVID-19 cancelled 2020 baseball season certainly hasn’t helped!  Many of these players might be on collectors’ radar screen if they had had a chance to play last year but many of these prospects haven’t even appeared in a professional game yet.

Some of these players will thrive and crush the competition after training for an entire year in preparation for a new season.  Some of these players will struggle to get into a rhythm after being benched for an entire year.

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future but I’m going to shuffle the 2021 Bowman Baseball checklist around a few different ways to offer you some different perspectives.

As always, we are planning on ripping cases day and night for our group breaks. We will have plenty of Pick Your Team, Random Team, and even Random Player formats for breaks. Click the button below to join the community and get in on the action! Links will be added to this page to purchase boxes from us once this product releases on Wednesday, April 28th.

1st Bowman Autos – Former Draft Picks

The Bowman checklist typically picks up a handful of prospects from the previous year’s MLB Draft that didn’t get featured in Bowman Draft.  Since the 2015 MLB Draft, Bowman has saved the #2 pick for the following year’s Bowman product.  This year deviates slightly as the 2020 #2 pick Heston Kjerstad was featured in 2020 Bowman Draft.  Austin Martin was the projected #2 pick but slid in the draft to the Blue Jays at pick #5.  In addition to previous year draft picks, Bowman also picks up late round picks from previous drafts that have had a larger impact in their organization like Nick Maton (drafted 7th round, 2017) who as already made his major league debut for the Phillies

Here is a list of previous year draft picks featuring their 1st Bowman autos:


Name Organization
Austin Martin Toronto Blue Jays
Blaze Jordan Boston Red Sox
Aaron Sabato Minnesota Twins
Mick Abel Philadelphia Phillies
Jake Vogel Los Angeles Dodgers
Jared Kelley Chicago White Sox
Coby Mayo Baltimore Orioles
Nick Maton Philadelphia Phillies
Ivan Johnson Cincinnati Reds
Marcus Smith Texas Rangers
Beck Way New York Yankees
Kohl Franklin Chicago Cubs
William Holmes Los Angeles Angels
Jackson Cluff Washington Nationals
Dylan MacLean Texas Rangers
Austin Cox  Kansas City Royals
Jake Eder Miami Marlins
Jeremy Wu-Yelland Boston Red Sox
Riley Thompson Chicago Cubs
Michael McAvene Chicago Cubs
Stevie Emanuels Oakland Athletics
Mac Wainwright Cincinnati Reds

1st Bowman Autos – International Signees 

An unprecedented 38 international players have their 1st Bowman autographs on this checklist and half of them are only teenagers!  Most of these players signed in 2018/2019 (often at the age of 16) but many haven’t even had a chance to play professionally with the cancelled 2020 season.  Most of these international prospects are signed because of a single exceptional tool or pure athleticism and have lots of development ahead of them, however if they spent the entire lost 2020 season working hard and bulking up we could see some real talent emerge once they start playing in 2021.

Here is the list of International position players 1st Bowman autos by age:


Name Organization Age
Jose Salas Miami Marlins 17
Jeferson Espinal Arizona Diamondbacks 18
Alexander Ramirez Los Angeles Angels 18
Hedbert Perez Milwaukee Brewers 18
Kevin Alcantara New York Yankees 18
Brayan Buelvas Oakland Athletics 18
Ismael Mena San Diego Padres 18
Brainer Bonaci Boston Red Sox 18
Adael Amador Colorado Rockies 18
Maximo Acosta Texas Rangers 18
Antonio Gomez New York Yankees 19
Angel Martinez Cleveland Indians 19
Darryl Collins Kansas City Royals 19
Freddy Valdez New York Mets 19
Jeremy De La Rosa Washington Nationals 19
Adinso Reyes Detroit Tigers 19
Alexander Vargas New York Yankees 19
Jose Rodriguez Chicago White Sox 19
Eddy Yean Washington Nationals 19
Endy Rodriguez New York Mets 20
D’Shawn Knowles Los Angeles Angels 20
Johan Rojas Philadelphia Phillies 20
Jairo Pomares San Francisco Giants 20
Jose Tena Cleveland Indians 20
Yunior Severino Minnesota Twins 21
Luis Santana Houston Astros 21
Eddy Diaz Colorado Rockies 21
Ji-Hwan Bae Pittsburgh Pirates 21
Heriberto Hernandez Texas Rangers 21
Gabriel Arias Cleveland Indians 21
Daniel Montano Colorado Rockies 22
Yoelqui Cespedes Chicago White Sox 23
Mariel Bautista Cincinnati Reds 23
Yolbert Sanchez Chicago White Sox 24

Here is the list of International pitchers 1st Bowman autos by age:


Name Organization Age
Sandy Gaston Tampa Bay Rays 19
Hyun-il Choi Los Angeles Dodgers 20
Breidy Encarnacion Miami Marlins 20
Luis Frias Arizona Diamondbacks 22

2nd Bowman Autos

2020 Bowman Draft was one of the greatest Bowman products in recent history, possibly ever, with an unprecedented number of prospects absolutely crushing the autograph resale market.  Bowman responded by offering second autographs of these top prospects in this year’s new release.  Some collectors won’t like this at all.  I have a different opinion.  As high as many of these players’ 1st Bowman autos are selling for, I think a second Bowman auto gives a much wider group of fans access to their autographs at a much more affordable price.

Here is the list of players with their 2nd Bowman auto featured in 2021 Bowman:


Name Organization
Austin Hendrick Cincinnati Reds
Zac Veen Colorado Rockies
Robert Hassell San Diego Padres
Ed Howard Chicago Cubs
Nick Gonzales Pittsburgh Pirates
Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers
Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants
Heston Kjerstad Baltimore Orioles
Garrett Mitchell Milwaukee Brewers
Asa Lacy Kansas City Royals
Max Meyer Miami Marlins
Emerson Hancock Seattle Mariners

Rookie Autos

The 2021 Rookie Class has already gotten people pretty excited about the new season.  Some highly anticipated rookies combined with some surprising performances from the end of the 2020 season has given us a pretty good checklist of 2021 Bowman Rookie autographs.  Historically, rookie autographs in Bowman have been significantly more short printed than prospect autographs so don’t expect these to be easy to hit.  Team pricing in 2021 Bowman should be much more skewed to the prospect potential of each team.

Here is the list of players with 2021 Bowman Rookie Autographs:


Name Organization
Alec Bohm Philadelphia Phillies
Andres Gimenez New York Mets
Cristian Javier Houston Astros
Casey Mize Detroit Tigers
Cristian Pache Atlanta Braves
Dylan Carlson St. Louis Cardinals
Deivi Garcia New York Yankees
Jo Adell Los Angeles Angels
Joey Bart San Francisco Giants
Jake Cronenworth San Diego Padres
Jesus Sanchez Miami Marlins
Ke’Bryan Hayes Pittsburgh Pirates
Luis Garcia Washington Nationals
Leody Taveras Texas Rangers
Nick Madrigal Chicago White Sox
Nate Pearson Toronto Blue Jays
Ryan Mountcastle Baltimore Orioles
Sixto Sanchez Miami Marlins