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As we await the release of 2021 Bowman Draft Baseball scheduled for December 29th, we did the research for you. Read below for a breakdown of the top MLB draft picks and prospects to be hunting!

Written by: Titus Bishop and Emil Cienek

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2021 Top MLB Draft Picks to Look Out For in 21′ Bowman Draft Baseball

Pick #1: Henry Davis (C – Pirates, Louisville)

The Pirates opted to go with the safe play at #1 taking the best collegiate bat on the board rather than gambling on the upside of one of the high school shortstops. Davis has a fantastic bat and arm but will need to improve his receiving if he wants to stay behind the plate. I don’t think collectors would mind if the Pirates decide Third Base or Outfield is a better spot to get his bat in the lineup.


Pick #3: Jackson Jobe (RHP – Tigers, Heritage Hall School)

Jobe is a power righty that is extremely well-rounded for a high school arm. He boasts an elite slider and changeup to go along with an upper-90s fastball that made him almost unhittable in high school. He racked up an incredible 122 strikeouts while allowing just 5 walks in 51.2 innings in his final season at Heritage Hall. It is so rare to see a player with three plus pitches coming out of high school and is easy to see the upside that the Tigers saw in taking him #3.


Pick #4: Marcelo Mayer (SS – Red Sox, Eastlake High School)

Meyer could have easily been the #1 pick in this Draft if the right team had the slot. He possesses arguably the best hit tool AND defense in the Draft. He is a 6’3” lefty that should grow into more power as he gets in a strength program but 14 homers in 34 games in his senior year at Eastlake is still very impressive. The early consensus among scouts is that he likely stays at SS.


Pick #5: Colton Cowser (OF – Orioles, Sam Houston State)

A little bit of a surprise pick here by the Orioles but signed $1.3 million under slot in a similar move to their Kjerstad pick last year at #2 that allowed them to sign Coby Mayo later in the Draft. Cowser was still one of the best college bats available in the Draft. He is a 5-tool player that filled out his frame quite a bit in college and can play anywhere in the outfield. He got off to an absolutely scorching start in the minors, hitting .375 in Low-A in 32 games and logged the best on-base percentage for any first rounder. The Orioles may have hit a gem here AND saved some of their bonus pool.


Pick #6: Jordan Lawler (SS – Diamondbacks, Jesuit Dallas)

The consensus top high school prospect heading into the season, Lawler is a 5-tool prospect that many have compared to Bobby Witt Jr. as they both hail from the Dallas area. Lawler is actually considered to have a more polished bat than Witt did coming out of the 2019 MLB Draft. Was committed to Vanderbilt prior to signing with the Diamondbacks and was simply passed up by Mayer’s incredible senior season. Like many high school bats, he should be able to continue to add power as he builds strength and adds to his frame. Good range, hands, and plus arm should keep him at SS.


Pick #7: Frank Mozzicato (LHP – Royals, East Catholic High School)

Four consecutive no-hitters shot Mozzicato up the Draft board but was still ranked 39th overall on MLB Pipeline’s Top 250 and wasn’t expected to be Drafted on day 1. The Royals were able to sign him well below slot value (almost $2 million under). This was still a bit of a surprising pick since two of the top HS shortstops and Rocker were still available. After losing his junior season to COVID, he lifted heavily and was able to increase his velocity from the mid-80s to sit in the low 90s. Senior season was highlighted by a 9-0 record with the aforementioned no-hitters and 135 strikeouts in 55.2 innings (including 17 in the state championship).


Pick #8: Benny Montgomery (OF – Rockies, Red Land High School)

The Rockies went back to the well after picking Zac Veen in the 2020 Draft. Benny was the Perfect Game All-American HR Derby champ and boasts top of the scale speed to go with the pop. Montgomery has somewhat unorthodox mechanics at the plate that will need to improve for him to be a consistent producer in the lineup. He’s a particularly good defender with star potential thanks to his skillset and work ethic.


Pick #9: Sam Bachman (P – Angels, Miami)

Bachman is an absolute fireballer with a fastball that touches 100 and a slider so good that he could be the first player from this Draft to receive a call up out of the bullpen. He could develop into a starter long-term if his changeup improves. The Angels opted to let him start a few games after the Draft, accumulating five starts at High-A post Draft.


Pick #11: Brady House (SS – Nationals, Winder-Barrow High School)

Sounds like the Nationals were expected to pick another pitcher here but couldn’t pass up House when he fell to them. Rates as potentially the best power bat in the Draft. House is a big shortstop with a huge arm (mid-90s on the mound), could move to 3B if range doesn’t improve. House struggled with the bat in his senior season causing him to fall in the Draft but got off to a nice start in rookie ball post-Draft.


Pick #12: Harry Ford (C – Mariners, North Cobb High School)

Ford is a rare plus runner as a catcher and showcases a strong arm and good pop. He is considered to be an advanced receiver at his age but could theoretically play other positions with his athleticism. You will hear lots of Craig Biggio comparisons here. He is a balanced hitter with good plate coverage that will put the ball in play consistently.


Pick #13: Andrew Painter (P – Phillies, Calvary Christian Academy)

Painter carries a four-pitch arsenal that is rare for a high school arm and keeps hitters guessing. Very athletic for his size (6’7”) and should be able to fill out his frame and improve upon a mid-90s fastball. Plus, command is really what sets him apart from other pitchers in the Draft and could lead to something special for the Phillies.


Pick #14: Will Bednar (P – Giants, Mississippi State)

Will is the younger brother of the Pirates reliever David Bednar and received great exposure while leading Mississippi State to a National Championship this past season. Scouts see him as a durable starter that sits mid-90s on his fastball with good command to go along with solid secondary options. Bednar was expected to go closer to the end of the first round to a team looking for a middle of the rotation college arm.


Pick #15: Sal Frelick (OF – Brewers, Boston College)

After nabbing Garrett Mitchell last year in the 2020 Draft, the Brewers doubled down on their future outfield with Sal Frelick (the pair are now the #1 and #2 prospects in the organization!) After batting .359 at Boston College last year, Frelick instantly made waves in the Brewers organization after blowing through rookie ball and low-A in just one month. He is solid in the field, has great plate discipline and makes great contact – The Brewers are excited since he has all the tools to shine in the MLB.


Pick #18: Michael McGreevy (RHP – Cardinals, UCLA)

Command is the name of the game for McGreevy, and his fast-paced work on the mound allows him to get ahead early on hitters. He had averaged only two walks per nine innings in 2019-2020 combined. Drawing comparisons to Shane Bieber, another UCSB product, look for McGreevy to continue adding velocity to his favorite pitch, the strike, as he pairs it with a dangerously sneaky slider and sinker. His debut in late 2021 didn’t go as well as hoped, but after going 9-2 with a 2.92 ERA in college he should be able to work his way up the Cardinals farm system quickly.


Pick #19: Gunnar Hoglund (RHP – Blue Jays, Ole Miss)

Hoglund was a consensus Top-10 pick in the Draft before having to undergo Tommy John surgery last May; however, the Blue Jays saw enough potential in the Ole Miss product to take him with the nineteenth pick of the Draft. He is now considered one of the highest upside picks in the first round, and the Jays are expecting him to bounce back strong with the same nasty slider that had him whiffing hitters in the SEC.


Pick #23: Gavin Williams (RHP – Indians, East Carolina)

Out of 21 total Draft Picks this year, the Indians chose a pitcher 19 times. They kicked off their pitching tirade in the first round with Gavin Williams, out of East Carolina University. He’s been touching 100 since 2017 as a high-schooler, and broke out this year with that same heater, alongside three other strong off-speed offerings that sent plenty of hitters walking straight back to the bench. The Indians are pumped to add Williams to their ever-growing list of stud pitchers.


Pick #24: Ryan Cusick (RHP – Braves, Wake Forest)

Ryan Cusick dealt with some control questions coming into the Draft, but all doubts were erased during his absolutely dominating pro debut. Cusick struck out just over 50% of batters faced through 16.1 innings and held a ratio of 34 strikeouts to only four walks. He is a flame-throwing, big righty that just downright overpowers hitters with his fastball and can pair it with some developing off-speed.


Pick #26: Chase Petty (RHP – Twins, Mainland Regional HS)

Three things are sure with Chase Petty: he’s pure, he’s raw, and he throws absolute GAS. The New Jersey high-schooler sits upper 90’s on a dangerous fastball that has some serious movement and can be paired with a very solid slider. Look for the Twins to hone in the athletic youngster and turn him into a future ace.


Pick #27: Jackson Merrill (SS – Padres, Severna Park HS)

The Padres love young shortstops, and they believe they found another one with some huge upside late in the 2021 Draft in Jackson Merrill. The kid loves to work – evident in looking at his 35-pound muscle gain over the past year which helped him get on more scouts’ radars. He shows to be solid in every aspect in his game with some serious raw power that the Padres are excited to help develop.


Pick #28: Carson Williams (SS – Rays, Torrey Pines HS)

After being scouted early as a pitcher and hitting 97 on the gun in high school, Williams was Drafted as a shortstop late in the first round to the Rays. He shows solid tools all around and is relatively polished for being so young. He performed well, hitting .282 in his eleven-game pro debut this year. Look for him to continue to develop his power with a Rays organization that will help him out greatly.


Pick #29: Maddux Bruns (LHP – Dodgers, UMS Wright Prep School)

There are some questions on control with Bruns, but the Dodgers love his high upside as a young lefty that can throw heat. Alabama’s high school player of the year has some raw stuff that the Dodgers will take their time in developing – hoping to turn him into a consistent big-league starter.


Pick #30: Jay Allen (OF – Reds, John Carroll HS)

Do not sleep on this compensation pick – Jay Allen came into rookie ball hot, hitting .328/.440/.557 with three home runs and fourteen stolen bases. The Reds are hoping to develop the athletic outfielder into a power-hitting monster – sitting at 6’3”, 190 lbs. at 19 years old, his upside is immense.


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