2022/23 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Hobby Box


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Configuration: 20 boxes per case. 20 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.


– Your 2022-23 hockey card collection starts here with an impressive Base Set consisting of 200 regular cards and 50 High Series Star & Rookie SP cards! Collect an array of parallels, including the popular Magenta Auto (High Series Star & Rookie SP’s only), Silver Script, Super Script and Black Super Script parallels, as well as the rare 1-of-1 Printing Plate parallel and the Ice Battles parallel.
   – The Ice Battles parallel is a card-back variation set. The standard bio and stats are replaced with five categories with which you can play your own Pack Wars game with family, friends and fellow collectors: Overall, Speed, Strength, Skill and Awareness. Collect one (1) Ice Battles card per pack, on average, and let the competition begin!
– NEW! Collect three exciting new insert sets:
   – Encounters on Ice: This unique 20-card set highlights some of the top rivalries in the league! Each card features a 2-player image from rival teams. Look for a Gold parallel of this set as well.
   – Domains: Featuring many of the league’s top stars, this 30-card set showcases players alongside the country they represent! This set also parallels out to a Gold version.
      – Collect five (5) Encounters on Ice and/or Domains cards per box, on average.
   – Pinpoints: This new 25-card insert set is composed the top NHL sharp shooters! Collect three (3) regular Pinpoints cards and one (1) Gold parallel card, per box, on average.
– This year’s 20th Anniversary set honors the 2002-03 MVP Base Set design. Collect four (4) 20th Anniversary cards per box, on average, and look for Gold and Super Scripts parallels.
– The dynamic and highly-sought after Colors & Contours cards return featuring Spectrum Light FX variations of the complete 20th Anniversary set! Collect all three Colors & Contours sets: Gold (#’d to 250), Green (#’d to 20) and Purple (#’d to 3).
– Look for 2022-23 rookie cards, including divisionally-themed Rookie Redemption cards and the super rare 2022 NHL® #1 Draft Pick SP Redemption cards.




– 20 Base Set – Ice Battles Parallel Cards
– 10 Base Set High Series Star & Rookie SP Cards
– 5 Base Set – Silver Script Parallel Cards
– 5 Encounters on Ice and/or Domains Cards
– 4 Regular 20th Anniversary Cards
– 3 Pinpoint Cards
– 1 Pinpoint Gold Parallel Card
– 1 Colors & Contours and/or 20th Anniversary Parallel Card
– 1 Rare Hit Card